When Do You Call For An Electrician?

Electrical work in the province of Ontario is highly regulated by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) for a very good reason. Often, individuals take it upon themselves to perform their own electrical work or have someone else who believes they are qualified, do that work. When this occurs, the following risks can be associated:

  1. Risk of electric shock to yourself, a loved one or someone else that could cause serious injury or death.
  2. Risk of fire to the place of question that could cause substantial financial hardship, risk of injury or death.
  3. Risk of not being able to collect on insurance money if the electrical work was performed illegally.
  4. Risk substantial fines and sometimes imprisonment enforced by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)

At Safeguard Electric, we are passionate about safety and take this very seriously.

Please call a qualified electrical contractor immediately for help if:

  • You know that electrical work was performed in your home or business by someone either than a licensed electrical contractor.
  • You frequently experience tripping circuit breakers or blown fuses.
  • Sparks are coming from electrical appliances, receptacles, switches, or other pieces of electrical equipment.
  • lights become dim or are periodically flickering.
  • You experience a shock or tingling when you touch an electrical appliance or any other metal part at your premises (e.g., Plumbing or gas pipes, metal junction boxes etc.)

Warning: Failing to act on any of the above recommendations could result in any one of the four risks outlined above.

What if You are Concerned About the Electrical Work in Your Home?

You can choose to have your home inspected by safeguard electric to help identify some of these hidden electrical hazards that may or may not be present. We can perform a written 50-point electrical safety inspection that was specifically designed by us to give you the information you need for corrective actions and peace of mind.

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